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App Jobz Review: A Look into the Online Live Chat Assistant Job Portal

In the digital age, online job portals have become a go-to for many seeking employment opportunities, especially those desiring the flexibility of remote work. One such platform that has garnered attention is App Jobz, which claims to offer online live chat assistant jobs with the potential of earning up to $30 per hour. However, with the internet landscape being a mix of genuine opportunities and scams, it’s imperative to scrutinize such platforms thoroughly. This review aims to provide an analysis of App Jobz, considering both its on-site information and external feedback.


Website: App Jobz

Description: promotes itself as an online job portal that provides daily suitable work-from-home opportunities, with a particular emphasis on live chat assistant roles.

Features and Offerings

Online Live Chat Assistant Jobs

App Jobz’s headline offering is its online live chat assistant jobs. These roles, as per the website, can potentially allow individuals to earn up to $30 per hour. Such a claim, while attractive, requires a deeper dive to ascertain its authenticity.

Operational Model

The platform’s modus operandi involves partnering with international companies across the globe. Their goal, as stated, is to assist users in finding optimal online remote work opportunities. To tap into this service, users are required to create an account, post which they would start receiving job alerts directly to their email.

Is App Jobz Legit? Red Flags and Concerns

  1. Limited Information: A primary concern is the scant details available on the website regarding its operations, its partner companies, or even the specifics of the job roles. Such opacity can be a deterrent for potential job seekers who seek transparency before committing to a platform.
  2. Absence of Testimonials or Reviews: The website lacks testimonials or reviews, which are often a reliable gauge of the experiences of past or current users. This absence further compounds the concerns regarding its legitimacy.
  3. Generic Content: The content presented on the website is notably generic. There’s a conspicuous absence of specific details about job roles, responsibilities, the application process, or even the companies they partner with. Such vagueness can often be a hallmark of platforms that may not be entirely genuine.
  4. Courses Instead of Jobs: Feedback from external sources suggests a concerning possibility: App Jobz might be marketing courses under the guise of job opportunities. This tactic is a known strategy employed by scam websites to lure unsuspecting individuals.
  5. Questionable Earnings Claim: The website’s claim of a $30 per hour earning potential for an online live chat assistant job is eyebrow-raising. Even established platforms like Upwork, known for freelance opportunities, don’t typically offer such high rates for similar roles.

External Reviews and Feedback

Quora Feedback

A Quora post raises alarms about the legitimacy of App Jobz. The user insightfully points out that App Jobz might be selling courses in the name of job opportunities, which is a red flag.

Other Noteworthy Sources

  • A YouTube review offers a comprehensive breakdown of, which could provide potential users with more insights.
  • notes that has been operational for about 2 years. The site provides daily work-from-home opportunities.
  • Scam Detector assigns an authoritative rank of 58.7, indicating that the business is active, but this doesn’t necessarily vouch for its legitimacy.

Last Words

App Jobz, while presenting a tantalizing proposition for those eyeing online live chat assistant roles, is shrouded in ambiguity. The combination of red flags on the website and concerns raised by external sources makes it imperative for potential users to tread with caution. Before committing to any platform, especially those promising lucrative earnings, it’s always wise to conduct thorough research, seek genuine reviews, and ensure that one is not walking into a trap.

Final Note: This detailed review is a synthesis of information from the App Jobz website, external sources, and the identified red flags. As always, potential users are urged to exercise due diligence and conduct independent research when considering online job platforms.

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